While many traditional forms of advertising are on the decline, outdoor advertising is actually increasing. Since Americans spend so much time in their cars these days, billboards have the potential to reach a very large and captive audience. Drivers and passengers don’t have the option to turn off a billboard ad or click away to something else. A recent innovation in outdoor advertising is the digital mobile billboard, and the following are some of the top reasons to consider this form of advertising.


With a digital mobile billboard, advertisers can create multiple ad campaigns and have them run simultaneously and/or for varying periods of time. With a traditional billboard, there is a cost to tear down and set up a new display; digital billboards, however, have no production costs.


There is virtually no limit to what a digital billboard can display since they are not limited to static images. Advertisers have come up with some highly creative digital ads that capture the viewers’ attention. One example is a British Airways digital billboard in Picadilly Circus that features a small child who seems to notice when an actual plane is flying overhead. He stands up, points, and follows the plane out of the billboard’s frame as the billboard’s text identifies the plane’s flight number and origin.



Digital mobile billboards can transmit real information in real time. A digital billboard can link to a social network feed in order to showcase the latest news and comments about a product or topic, and it can even be used by law enforcement agencies to give valuable public information like amber alerts or severe weather warnings.


For advertisers in Las Vegas, mobility is a key advantage in outdoor advertising. Fixed billboards Las Vegas strip occupy valuable real estate that is hard to access. They tend to stay booked, and getting an ad featured can be very expensive. A mobile ad on the side of a truck, however, can get more views and take full advantage of the foot traffic on the Las Vegas strip.


Las Vegas billboards are one of the most effective ways to advertise on the strip. They are cost effective and have a large impact on their target audience.